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My husband is grumpy today because he wasn't able to fix an electrical problem that our house is having. We have an older house, so it makes sense that things are going to need repair/replacing from time to time. The other day our kitchen light switch burned up and wouldn't work anymore. He replaced that, but when he went to turn the breakers back on, something else went wrong and now the outlets in the livingroom don't work. He replaced the main switches at the breaker box and that didn't help. He has another plan to try next but in the meantime, he is very mad about it.

The dog got into trouble today. My husband left him alone while he went to Home Depot for 20 minutes. During that time, the dog chewed up half of his work shoe, and then found 3 little packets of maple syrup that you get from a fast food restaurant and chewed them up and smeared syrup into the carpet. So-the dog spent some time outside after that!

In a few days we leave for the trip to do the relief work. That will be for 10 days, not sure if I'll post during that time.
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