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Today we had a monsoon storm blow through-it was great! There was a lot of wind, some heavy rain for a short period of time, and it cooled down about 20 degrees for a few minutes! When I went to my car during my lunch break, my car registered 108 degrees outside, and when I went outside 4 hours later to go home, it was 88! That was awesome! Short lived, from what I understand, but still a welcome break for a few hours! I so look forward to October...that is when it will actually start to cool down-usually right at the end of October. I always laugh to myself when people here say that it starts to cool down in September...poor delusional people. It is always right at Halloween before you can feel any real crispness in the air. I love the cool months.

After work today I ran some errands and then had to go to a friend's house to help her with something she had asked me about a week or so ago, and so my son and I only got home about 45 minutes ago. Now it is already his bedtime. My husband is still at church. He was at a meeting, but there is just no way that is still going on, so really I think he is just up there visiting with his friend, which is fine too. I feel bad that he has been very stressed out lately, so it is good for him to be able to talk with his buddy.

I need to vacuum. I think I'll go to sleep instead! Haha

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