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Tonight I made open faced hot turkey sandwiches for dinner. That used to be the thing my grandmother would order any time we took her out to eat. She had to be careful because a lot of food would "burn her stomach". She had her gallbladder removed and had a hiatal(sp?) hernia that caused her lots of problems. Anyway, I normally don't make gravy, or buy it, but someone left a jar of turkey gravy at my house after some event, so I used that up. I was pretty happy with the way they turned out. My son doesn't like gravy much, so he made a hot sandwich of bread, turkey, and mashed potatoes. Hahha. Carb it up, kid!

I am supposed to be at a women's committee meeting for church right now, but my husband is working late-nearly 7 and he isn't home yet, so I stayed home. My son had some challenging math homework that we worked on together. That is finished, so I could leave him here for a short while by himself, but I don't really like to do that, and this meeting isn't urgent and nothing will be lacking by my not going, so I decided to stay home instead. From what I understand, we were just starting preparations for the upcoming fall event, which I think is something to do with movies and flip flops. I can't remember. I'm not the creative one who comes up with the catchy names that get printed in the bulletins for these events! Hahah.

I thought about taking the dog for a walk but there is a dust storm and I saw some lightning, so I will stay inside for now. It cooled off quite a bit because of the storm, which is nice. I think it is about 86 or 88 degrees outside vs. 108.. give the AC a bit of a breaK! WOOHOO.

Not sure if I already mentioned it on here, but I finished reading The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. EXCELLENT book! So much to be learned from that book.

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