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The first two days of 6th grade have gone well for my son. He really likes his homeroom teacher and so he is pretty excited. I'm so glad. I'm glad he has always been pretty easy-going about school and isn't one of those kids you have to drag kicking and screaming to get there every day. I'm a lucky mama!

Tomorrow starts the first night of the 6th grade program at church. This is a special program designed for 6th graders only- it is sort of a transition between the kids program and the youth program. I was asked to co-teach it this year. I was actually asked last year too but I declined. This year I accepted and am teaching it with a young man who is usually more involved with college students. I feel like he won't last the whole year-he has never been a dedicated teacher before, only a fill in- and from what I have seen, he is a bit flaky. So I accepted the position with the knowledge that he is my co, and if he steps down, I'll just teach it alone. So we'll see how it all plays out. Another factor is that I don't think the guy actually likes me much at all. I know from a mutual friend that he feels very judgmental towards me, and I find it annoying and at the same time amusing that he will rarely ever talk to me...he talks to my husband and sort of just glances nervously at me from time to time. Sometimes the evil part inside of me wants to leap at him and hiss or something just to watch him squirm. hahahaha. One example of this is that on Sunday I tried to talk with him about the program and he was very vague and I had to be somewhere else so I just went ahead and left...and then later I found out that he had apologized to my husband for being "weird" during the conversation with me. Wouldn't you think he would just tell me himself? So strange! Ah well, he is young and he has lots to learn to do ministry in the way that he wants to. I guess maybe I am only 10 years older than he is, but sometimes depending on life experience, it seems like a lot more. So-I try to be nice...mostly :) Muhahahah...

I just started a new book that I find very interesting so far... it is about a man who sells books on a boat in the Seine river. He "prescribes" books to people to help them with whatever life challenge they are facing and helps them to heal from whatever sort of thing they are struggling with. It seems very romantic and far fetched but I am fascinated by it so far and hope it continues to be a good read.

I took the dog for a LONG walk tonight- totally wore him out. He is flopped out in the kitchen floor sound asleep! I guess those are the kind of walks he needs instead of my short little around the block jaunts that we usually do!

Nothing else noteworthy today as far as I know!

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