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Today has been a long day! We left our house at 4 and drove the 4 hours up to my parents old house. Helped them scrub and clean and scrub more and clean more so they can get the place listed and hopefully sell it. They've been renting it out for the last several years but since they've recently purchased another house and my mom has a good job again, it makes sense to sell it since they won't be likely to move back there.  It's a little sad because the place suited them so well and they were really happy there, but it is just too much for them to keep up, and they have had horrible tenants who have left it trashed each time.  It's hard to get quality tenants because the house is out in the middle of nowhere in the woods and so the fancy rich people who go up there to rent usually rent in town. Anyway the place is awesome and if there were jobs and no custody situation for me, I'd love to have it.  It is way too rural for my husband to enjoy, so it's just as well.  Anyway it was pretty gross but we got tons of stuff cleaned up for them. Then we drove the four hours back and I've had time to take a shower and hopefully I'll be asleep in half an hour!

The other good news I had that I forgot to post is that I got my thyroid labs back on Friday and all the numbers are in the normal range!   Yay!!!!!  I cannot even begin to explain what a relief that was!


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