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Wart Patrol

Today, to my horror, I had to take my son to the podiatrist.

Recently he discovered some bumps on the bottom of his foot. We thought they were splinters at first, but after a little prodding by my stronger stomached husband, discovered that the splinters were too deeply embedded for us to pick out comfortably. Ok-no problem. I thought the primary care doctor could handle it, maybe a little Lidocaine if they were big deal.

Imagine my horror, when she said that he had plantar's warts. The brown splintery looking things we saw were actually the "seed" of the wart. My gag reflex immediately kicks in at the mention of "seed", unless there are flower or vegetable plantings involved. The primary care doctor offered the options of a lengthy and possible unsuccessful at home treatment, or said I could go off to podiatry for a quicker treatment. Guess which one I chose?

The nice podiatrist at today's appointment suggested that we put a glop of some acid based cream on the warts today, and that would be taped over and left for 2 days. Unfortunately, he did not feel that blasting them away with a harsh chemical, or cutting them out with a surgical tool, were the best options. Once the cream that he put on today has a chance to kick in, we still have to apply Compound W to the warts once or twice a day and keep them covered over, and then go back for a follow up visit in 2 weeks.

Ugh. So much for the quick treatment option! In my new quest to find the humor in various situations rather than be a Negative Nancy (sorry to any Nancy readers), I am trying to look for the funny in this. It really is hard, as I'm certainly no fan of wound or skin issue care. I still have to go to the pharmacy and get the over the counter treatment, some rubber gloves for application (no WAY am I touching that stuff), and some appropriately sized and shaped band-aids. I am envisioning the man behind the counter ringing up my myriad assortment of wart supplies and thinking we must really have an epidemic on our hands....when really...the battle has officially been waged against two small warts. Still- I'm coming home prepared!!! Wish me luck!!!
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