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Growing UP!

My family adopted a dog from the pound last year-about 11 months ago. He was just a baby, barely old enough to go away from his mama. After some debate, we named him Rocky. We adopted him as a family, but really, I was the one pushing it. I've had pets for as long as I've been alive-from the time I was old enough to walk, maybe even earlier, I was an animal lover. We lived on a farm, so there was always some variety of cows, horses, cats, dogs, goats, pigs, chickens, more cats, etc. As an adult, I moved in to town, so was more restricted to dogs and cats.

My heart was absolutely broken a few years ago when my Puppy died...she was mine from the summer before I entered 8th grade, until she died of old age at the age of 15. She was just the best, most loyal dog, and I still miss her every day. I have such happy memories of her, and she was the best friend who was with me from childhood, up through high school, marriage, baby, divorce, single mom, etc. She was the stable friend for me up until she died.

I was without a dog for a few years after that because I lived in an apartment for a couple years and it didn't seem right to get a dog that would be stuck inside all the time. My son and I had developed a pretty busy schedule by then, so it just wasn't good timing. However, after getting married and moving in to the place with the yard, etc., the pound puppies were really calling to me. So-I scoured all the websites and really kept my eyes open, and one day I saw the picture of the little one that I thought was right for us. We brought him home that night.

Today he is just over a year old and he is such a wacko!!! This little dog has such a different personality than Puppy ever had. This dog is a "people person". He is wary around strange men, but otherwise he loves everyone equally and he is always just bouncing from one thing to the next. He loves to eat socks whenever he gets a chance, and he thinks it is great fun to steal a hair tie and then flip it around the living room like a tiny little frisbee or something. He plays fetch until forced to stop, he loves to be loved on, and he is always eager to go for a walk.

He was a bit more of a challenge with potty training than I thought he'd be, but we've finally gotten him to where were are a little more trusting and have left him free to roam about the house when we would run a quick errand, just within the last month or so. Today we left him home alone for 4 hours, and then went to another errand that lasted 1 hour. He was very good and didn't have any accidents at all, and he seemed so proud and happy to greet us at the door when we got back home. I love my little Rocky too, and as he grows older, he will be another little best friend, like Puppy, only different.

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