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I recently ordered two leather luggage tags with my husband's initials engraved for him as a gift for our upcoming 3rd anniversary,  the leather anniversary.  They came in today and I'm really happy with how they turned out. They are simple but they look nice.

My tooth spot has been sore the last couple of days but this evening I think it is beginning to feel less puffy.  The morning was tough but when we got home I took a nap and woke up feeling much better.  I was recently thinking that I should make a point to sit down and relax at some point on the weekend and had thought it might be nice to watch a movie on TV. I did end up doing that but it's a shame it took having a tooth pulled out to force me to sit still!  Haha.

The movie I ended up choosing was ridiculous,  but I like it anyway....the first Twilight movie. The acting is bad, the coloring is bad, but I can't help liking it. Go team Edward. Hahahahaha

I'm reading a book called How to Raise Goats. It's very good.  I cannot currently have a goat because we are not zoned for it, but we always had them when I was a kid, and they are sweet creatures. My dad got the book for me at a yard sale some time ago and it seemed like a cheery thing to read this past few days.


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