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This week has been a little bit of a drag. I had been having a little bit of tooth pain over the past month or two, off and on.  So I went to the dentist a week or two ago. He said he thought the tooth needed a root canal but not urgently. I scheduled an appointment for Wednesday for that.  While he was drilling in, he discovered that the problem has actually been that a cavity developed under my crown.  It had sort of tunneled it's way up my tooth and has now created a giant mess.  He discontinued the root canal and now tomorrow I have to go to the dentist to have him remove my crown and see if the tooth can even be saved or if they will just have to pull it.  I'm just so disappointed by this whole thing.  I try hard to take care of my teeth but they are bad genetically.  I have thin enamel, weirdo roots, and all kinds of stuff.  I'm hoping the appointment tomorrow goes well but the endodontist was not too optimistic that the tooth can be saved. 

Trying to stay positive. 


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