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I think we live on top of Ant World Headquarters. Our yard/lot has been prone to ants since we moved in here. One day last year I came home and the whole kitchen/dining room was full of ants. There wasn't a food or a thing to attract them to come inside-we've learned that whenever we water our yard a lot or if there is a lot of rain, that they find their way inside-I assume that their home below the surface is getting flooded and they come inside to escape.

Today I got home from work and was sorting some laundry and felt a bite on my hand...looked down and there was an ant on my hand. Of course that made me start looking, and my entire bedroom floor near the closet was crawling with ants. I used the spray and cleaned up as best I could, and will have to vacuum the carpet tomorrow-thought I was done. THEN went to put some laundry away in my son's room and found that they were in there his bed!!! Ugh! So will have to strip and wash all that and then spray the floor borders. My son is going through a bad spell of being afraid of chemicals and things that my poison him, so he currently thinks that we are all going to die from ants and/or ant spray.

Ants are a pain in the neck. I know there are worse problems, but this is my problem for the day! HA!

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