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How is it already February? 

Last night after work I went to the laundry mat. We have a washer and dryer but it has been moved out so the guy can do the tile work. At the rate he is going, it may not be put back for 2 weeks. So I needed scrub pants and husband needed work pants.  I was surprised to find that the laundry mat no longer accepts quarters. Now you have to put your money in and get a card like a debit card for the laundry mat machines.  I only had $20, so now I have a lot of laundry credit since I only had one load. I think I'll go back probably either tonight or tomorrow because I might as well go ahead and do all the clothes and use up the money.  Also I forgot to take towels so we will run out of those too within the next day or so.

This morning I woke up and it was freezing in here.  After much studying, we determined that we just didn't know how to use the thermostat and it reprogrammed itself in the night. So it's warming up in here now.

Another thing broke at some point yesterday. The outlets in the upstairs bathroom have stopped working.  Something with a gfi (?) Outlet seems to be the problem.  I have no idea what the solution will be. Maybe my husband will fix it or maybe I will get irritated that he hasn't done it after a couple months and I'll call a guy to fix it. Who knows.

Off to work I go!


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