Carriea31 (carriea31) wrote,

Home repairs continue

Well, I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for the second plumber to do his thing. He currently has the water shut off at the main and is changing out the valve on the main shut off at the house.

The shower keeps on posing more problems.  The hard water has caused the pieces to disintegrate within the handlebar that it can't be removed.  So I went dashing off to home Depot to get the part I was told to get. They only had one and to me it looks different. I am praying it works. I am praying he can fix it tonight but it's looking shaky to me. I don't know. He wanted to fix it tomorrow but the floor guy talked him into doing it tonight.  I am fearful that another unexpected thing will happen and then we will somehow be completely without water for the night.  Ugh.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Praying it works out. My husband is still at work and hasn't answered messages in an hour so I don't know what his thought would be. Ack.


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