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I had a good day at work. I was expecting a little crazy after missing 2 days last week but it was all good. I am relieved about that.

Tonight I met a plumber at the house to get a quote on getting things fixed. He wrote a quote that was around $2,200.  The floor guy was listening and called me to another room to tell me that it was a complete ripoff. He knows another guy who is a plumber and hooked me up with him. It sounds like he will do the same work for $500 to $800 depending on a few things we choose from.  I am thankful the floor guy was here to help me out. Part of me thinks that other guy hiked up the price because he thought I was just a dumb girl who wouldn't double check or get any other quotes. I would not have agreed to that price but having someone around to back me up and confirm it was a bad price was nice.

We have hooked up our TV and are getting caught up on New Girl.  This is a fun show.


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