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We are slowly settling in here in the new house. We are really exhausted,  but we keep plugging along to get things put together. It's a little hard because the floor guy is doing his work so we can't put a lot of stuff away since we don't want to get in his way. It will be finished soon, though,  and then it will be so nice. The carpeting is already finished and he has begun the prep work for the tile.

Tomorrow I will meet the plumber here at 4:15 or so to have them take care of a dripping shower,  a couple faucets outside that we want updated, and a possible drainage problem with the other shower.

Going back and forth on moving forward with granite counter tops.  I would delay it in order to keep some money in the bank but my husband wants to get it done....not sure which way we will go.

I'm heading to bed early tonight! 


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