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I can tell by my feet that I am getting older.  I used to be able to wear the cheapest pairs of shoes.  I have never been a huge flip flop person, but I wear them sometimes and in the past it was no big deal. Things are changing! !!!!   Within the past year I have noticed that whenever I wear my cheap cheap shoes to work that by the end of the day my feet hurt quite a bit, and then when I go to bed that night I will have Charlie horses in my feet all night!  It's really weird and until I realized what was going on, I was so puzzled at the cause of these terrible pains in my feet!  So, I guess I will need to pay more attention and not buy the $4.00 tennies from Walmart anymore just because they do the job.  I do have a good pair of shoes but I wore them hiking and such and got them all stained up so now they look bad to wear to work.  Oh well, I'm wearing them anyway until I get a chance to shoe shop.  


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