Carriea31 (carriea31) wrote,

Funny X-Ray Tech

I haven't had the best week.....I was thinking today of anything funny that has happened and this story has made me chuckle several times, so I think I'll share it here.

I had to have a chest x-ray earlier this week. When I went to the radiology office, a young man took me back. I am 31, and he looked a bit younger than me...I'll guess maybe 24 or 25. Young, but yet he knew what he was doing, so he wasn't totally inexperienced at his job. He showed me into the changing room and told me that I would need to remove my scrub top (I came from work) and my bra. Then he pointed at a drawer where I was to obtain a gown, and said "In that drawer, you'll find a new bra.....". He meant to say that I would find a new scrub gown to put on. He stopped mid sentence and said "I mean scrub! I mean scrub! I don't know why I said that!!!!". His face turned about 5 shades of red in about 10 seconds. It was SO FUNNY. I couldn't help but laugh at him, which eased his discomfort somewhat-but it was really funny! Poor guy!

Sometimes work blunders can be so awkward-I'm glad he was nice and able to laugh at himself as well :)
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