Carriea31 (carriea31) wrote,

Getting Caught Up!

I think that all of my/our traveling for the summer is done!

This past weekend my son and I drove up to visit my parents for the weekend. My mom's birthday was on Thursday so we took her the gift we had and just spent some time with them. It was really fun!

My parents live near Laughlin, Nevada. They live on the Arizona side of the river, though. Anyhow, we took a riverboat tour while we were there and that was really fun! The whole thing lasted only an hour, but it took us up to the dam just north of town, and then back down along the strip of casinos and the recording plays while you go along and gives you lots of historical facts about the things you are passing by. It was a lot of fun for us, and it was made a little more exciting because an afternoon rainstorm let loose while we were on the boat so we had to hustle back to the car. We failed at the hustle and were all soaked! It looked like we got into a swimming pool with all of our clothing on and then just got back out and didn't dry off. I enjoyed it because it is normally miserably hot this time of year but with the rain it cooled down about 30 degrees.

So this week can be spent getting back in to the normal routine of things and catching back up on housework, reading, writing, etc. I'll be getting around to visit everyone's sites as soon as possible!
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