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I ended up crying today.  I generally am not much of a crier, but I was very stressed out.  After I finished crying,  I got back to work and finished cleaning the house.  Now everything is basically ready for the realtor to come and take the pictures of the house on Friday.  I can spot clean little things tomorrow but can't do much because I have to go up to the church and decorate my table for the ladies event, which will be Friday night. So, I have to let it go.  I feel like I really have put in 100% effort to get the house ready and I have to just let it go now.  I've been increasingly frustrated with the lack of help that my husband has been with this process.  Today when he came home and saw that I had been crying, he finally kicked it in gear and went outside and did some cleanup in the yard and carport area. That is a huge relief to me as I had not been able to get to that.  Anyway, I feel relieved now that the majority of what I can do has now been done.

I'm slowly (because I keep needing to sleep) reading a fun book called Dying For Chocolate.  It is the second in a series about a lady who runs a catering business and seems to stumble upon trouble and crimes and then helps solve them.  They are something my husband gave to me for my birthday. That was back in August, but i have a lot of books in my "to read" stack, so sometimes it takes a while to get to the new ones.

Well, off I go!


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