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This morning we got up and made a big meal for a late Thanksgiving with my family. That was fun. While everything was cooking, we played badmitton with the kids and played outside with the dogs. It is quite a bit cooler at their house than it is here, so running around a bit to warm up was good. 

My husband and I came home this evening. My son stayed behind and will catch a ride home with his aunt tomorrow. He's glad because he can sleep later. He is also at the teenage not wanting to go to church stage, so he is happy to miss a morning. That makes me a little sad, but honestly,  there are some mornings when I'd rather sleep in a bit more than I can as well.

I'm trying hard not to feel overwhelmed today. There are lots of things to complete on my list of things that have to get done before the realtor comes over to take pictures of the house on Friday so that he can prepare the listing for the following week. 

I'm also trying hard not to feel discouraged by selfish people.  It is very disheartening to think about all the people who think only of themselves and never take a minute to ask how someone else is doing or what is going on in their life, etc. People either don't want to talk unless they need something or until they realize they have probably pushed their crappy attitude a little too far...then they check in to try and nose around and find out if you (or whoever ) are mad at them. Argh.  That's something that has been on my mind a lot over the past few weeks. I need to find a way to let it go.


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