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Last Soccer Game

Today was the last soccer game of this season.  Now we take a 2 or 3 month break and then start again at the next level.  This was such an exciting season for our boys.....they went undefeated!!!!   The team has been working and growing together for the past 3-4 years and all of their hard work and dedication paid off this year and they were on fire!     As per tradition, we had a potluck/bbq for them after the game and then played the parent vs. Kid soccer game.  The kids won.  I was actually pleased with my ex husband because there was one boy who hadn't scored all season and was kind of bummed about it and so after we had been playing for quite awhile, the ex husband pretended to fumble and drop the ball when the kid took a shot on goal, and that was the winning score for the kids.  It was a perfect way for them to end the season and I was happy with him for doing it and pulling it off in a way so that no one noticed except me, as I was the only one standing close enough. 

After that we came home and I cleaned and organized more.  I carried 5 or 6 boxes of stuff out to the shed and then arranged some things differently inside.  It is shaping up, finally! !   The whole back seat of my car is filled with things to drop for donation tomorrow. Woohoo :)   It makes me feel good to get things accomplished. 


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