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Vacation Day 2

The second day of our trip we visited the Eiffel Tower(beautiful), took a sewer tour (awesome), the Luxor Obelisk, and the Arc de Triomphe. All of these things were so impressive! I got some really beautiful pictures of the Eiffel Tower. My son wanted to go up in it, but the lines were discouraging to him, so we didn't. My husband and I didn't care one way or the other about going up in it, so we were happy not to wait in the line.

I was very tired the second day, and during one of our break times at a place for water, we were chatting at a table and I actually fell asleep mid conversation! My head actually bounced off my chest! That marked the end of our adventures for the second day and we made our way to the apartment for some rest.

It was very hot in Paris during our trip, as they were experiencing a rare heat wave. Or at least we were told it was rare...I really don't know for sure! The place we stayed did not have a/c and the nights were super hot and miserable. My son was in a room that had a fan, but since ours didn't, we ended up buying a fan at a store. We left it there so the next person will benefit from it, because it was too big to bring home, but it definitely helped us get some rest.

My favorite things from that day were the Eiffel tower and the sewer tour. The sewer tour was just that...we paid a man, and he let us enter down the stairs to a section of the sewer system that has been marked off for touring and to see and read about how the sewer system evolved in Paris throughout the years. There were parts of it that didn't smell so good, and I felt sorry for the poor man who was running the little gift shop/information booth at the end of the tour. I would think some days he might like his job so much!

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