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Today I made a recipe called Italian Caprese Quinoa. I really like it! It made quite a bit so I'll probably be able to have it for lunch for most of the week. It has quinoa, basil, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, red wine vinegar, and olive oil. Pretty simple, but good!

We took the dog for a long walk this evening. The temperature was just perfect and the moon is beautiful.

This evening we watched a few reruns of Frasier. Nothing exciting but it has been nice to relax for a little bit. I also did the grocery shopping for the week, and cleaned up a few things around the house. I organized the small linen closet in the hall, and that made me happy. It looks lots better and I was able to gain a little space for having done it.

I just realized I was supposed to respond to the jury summons I received in the mail. I originally thought I just had to call in the day before, like usual, but this one wants me to go to their website and respond now. I guess I'll go do that.

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