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I feel very sad today. I feel like sometimes there is just no point in working hard and doing a good job when it just doesn't matter and people are never satisfied. I know that is a wrong way for me to think but that is how I feel right this minute. I'll recover before too long, and I guess in the end it is better to know where you stand in life and with people than to live under the impression that people appreciate you when they don't.

On a happier note, I haven't updated at all lately regarding my weight loss endeavor. Since July 1, I have lost a little bit over 10 pounds. I am super happy with that-lots of my clothes that had stopped fitting, or at least fitting comfortably, do fit again and I feel like I am healthier overall. I have changed my eating habits a ton, as well as the portions I eat. I'm not a big person to begin with, so it is slower for me to lose weight than for others, but I figure that if you don't maintain things, pretty soon it will get out of hand, so that is why I wanted to lose the extra weight I put on since we got married. So=yay!!

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