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We are home from our vacation to France! What an exciting adventure. I am very happy to be home. We had a lot of fun, and I learned a ton of things about different places in France, as well as tons of things about my family! I never realized exactly how much you learn about your own family and how you interact until you go on a trip that is outside your normal comfort zone! wow!!!!!

There was just so much to do and see that some of it has already become a bit of a blur! We went to lots of museums, some of the names of which are escaping me, we visited Normandy beach, we went to London for a day on a train, we saw the Eiffel Tower. I will have to sit down and do a day by day journal of it so that I can save it for future memories, but just for today, thought I would pop in an make a quick update and check on some of you!

I was happy to get home from work last night and see my little dog. He stayed at a boarding facility that we use occasionally. They are really great, and they even post pictures of him on their website sometimes when he stays there. That is always fun. He seemed happy to be home, and he was exhausted from all the playing-he slept soundly in front of the couch for the entire evening last night...too tired to play fetch with me!!! Poor baby!!

This week is back to normal-work, chores, church, etc. My dad had the cataract surgery on his second eye yesterday and that went well. He is so excited and happy to be able to see much more clearly now, it is cute to listen to him talk about it. I'm very happy for him. He is a little gloomy in recent years, so when he get excited and happy about something, it is really great!

Alright- off I go!

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