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Last night my husband and watched a movie called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  It starred Tina Fey and some guy that my husband says played a hobbit in some other movie.  It was about a journalist who went to Afghanistan for quite a few years, apparently it is based on a true story.  I didn't expect to like it nearly as much as I did but I actually found it pretty interesting and ended up liking Tina Fey a little more for having done it.  In general I am not a huge fan of hers.

Today I finished my book. It was a crime story book by Ann Rule called Better off Dead.  I always enjoy her case study books although some of the things people do are just horrible. 

Tonight we go back to the church for a planning meeting. I'm in charge of food for that so I made turkey meatballs, cucumber sandwiches, pasta salad, and a cake.  The cake is this week's Recipe of the Week.  It is Dark Cherry Cake.  I don't think it will have a super cherry flavor but we shall see.


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