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My husband loves to travel. He has been to lots of different places, and lived overseas for 5 years before we met and got married.

When we got married, a little over a year ago, we talked about possible trips we might take, and things we might like to do before we have a baby (or try to have a baby). We decided that we would like to take one really cool, big trip with my my son (from a previous marriage) before we tried for a baby, because that would be such a cool memory for the three of us to have, and a great time to bond more together.

So, we planned, and saved, and planned...and tomorrow we leave for a week in France! We are going to tour around and see lots of historical places, and learn lots, and hopefully just have a great time! My son is SOOOOO excited! He is 11 years old, and he thinks that he is so big, and so mature, and too cool to really get too excited over much sometimes, but he can't even hold it in this time, and it is so cute. He spent a long time tonight helping pack his suitcase, and debating over which things to bring, and which to leave, and then my husband told him that it was time for bed, because we have to be at the airport at 4:00am tomorrow morning. He asked if he could read in bed and was told yes, and we can hear him in there just talking away to himself. I can't hear what he is saying, but he is just too excited to sleep, and can't even stop himself from babbling away. It is making me feel very happy! For myself, I think that traveling is ok. I'm a home-body by nature, and I like to be in my space and stick close to home, but I'm getting so excited just because they are excited!

The place we are staying does have wi-fi, so I may possibly be able to connect and make an update or two here and there, but I'm not 100% sure, so I may not be able to be on here until we get back, which is Sunday a little over a week from now. After that, I hope to have some great stories and notes to share...I'll try to journal it out as I go along so that I can type the entries based off our activities.

I hope that everyone has a great week!!!!
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