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Rye Skillet Bread with Toasted Caraway Seeds

This week's ROTW (Recipe of the Week) was Rye Skillet Bread with Toasted Caraway Seeds. I got this one from a really old Better Homes and Gardens cook booklet. I have no idea where I got the booklet from. I've made a few other things out of it, but I chose this recipe because I had used a small amount of rye flour in a different recipe quite awhile back, and I didn't want the rest of it to go to waste. I stumbled across this recipe and saw a chance to use some more of the rye flour, so I took it.

I had never made skillet bread before. You mix up the ingredients and then put it in a pretty low temp skillet and put the lid on and then cook the bread wedges for 20 minutes. I was seemed like the bottom would burn while the top would be raw. I guess the key is the low temps, because it cooked nicely all the way through and really came out at just the right texture. I'm pretty happy with the results and I'd definitely make any kind of skillet bread in the future without hesitation. The taste of rye is not my favorite, nor is it the favorite of my family, but I ate a little and will take the rest to work on Monday and give it to my coworker, who loves rye bread. It seems like a win!

In my house, the Recipe of the Week has a scoring system. Everyone gets to say what they rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, and then offer the reason. My son had never tasted rye bread before. His rating started at an 8, but when the rye taste hit him, he downgraded quickly to a 3. hehehe. It was fairly amusing to watch that sensation go through him. It is excellent that he has been dealing with my cooking experiments for so long that he just easily tries anything and often finds new tastes and things that he does like when he didn't expect to. That is a rule that I carried on from my childhood-everyone tries at least one bite or small serving of a thing before they are allowed to say they don't like it. I'm glad that my parents had that rule and I'm glad that I applied it to my son too.

Here is a picture of the bread:

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