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I just read an article about a young man who is traveling around the world in his boat, or at least part of the world.  His companion is a chicken named Monique.  After the story, it asks what or whom you would choose to travel around with, if it could only be one person or animal.  Interesting question to consider.  I'm not sure how I could choose between my family members if I had to choose a person!  I currently only have one animal, so it would be my dog if it were an animal.  If I forget all the things I know and just pretend I'm unattached,  I might have to think for a long time to choose.  I've always liked goats but that seems rather messy.  The good thing about this man's chicken is that she lays an egg mostly every day,  which he can then eat,  so that would be nice. 

This is VBS week.  It is fun but so tiring.  Hard to drag myself out of bed in the mornings this week and I haven't even signed on to my journal at all until now. This is one of the rare times I'm using my phone to post because work has this site blocked. The evils of online Journaling have been blocked. Hahaha


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