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List of Things to Work On 6/8/2016

One of my new LJ friends has started working on a list of self improvement type projects, which I think is a really neat idea. I think I'll sort of copy that idea and work on a few things too! I'll start small and see what happens.

One thing I want to cut back on is the amount of time I spent trolling Facebook. I use Facebook a lot because that is really the only way I stay in touch with my extended family, and we also use it to chat back and forth with church people. So I do like Facebook and it isn't like I want to get off of it all the way, but I think that I don't need to scroll around on it nearly as much as I do. I should probably just look at it once or twice a day and get updates and then be done. Sometimes I get to snooping and I'll spend an hour looking at people I went to highschool with. People I'm not even friends with, just sort of silently stalking people to see how their lives have turned out. That really isn't necessary so a goal for me is to cut that out. I've done really good today and also yesterday and I'm happy about that.

Another thing I want to do is start always washing the dishes before I go to bed. We don't have a dishwasher in this house and I am bad about letting things pile over until the next morning...which then half the time turns in to the evening because I'm tired in the morning, etc. There just isn't any reason at all to put them off, just DO THE DISHES!!! So that is going to be the next thing I work on for awhile.

This should be a fun project.

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