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This morning I wanted to knock out a few errands before work. I stopped at the grocery store and got some bread and Coke Zero (yuck, but that is pretty much the only thing my husband drinks). I took the bread inside at work but thought the soda would be fine in the car. Fast forward to the end of the day. I was driving home and all the sudden... BAAAAMMMMMMM!!!!! I actually ducked and looked around to see if someone was shooting or throwing something at the top of my car. Turns out, soda got too hot. Explosion!!! Two cans actually exploded and spewed out all over the seat of my car and there were a few others that had bulged out almost but not quite to the point of busting. I knew it was warmer over the past week but I never thought that would happen. Good grief!!! My poor car seats.

THEN I picked my son up (I ditched the exploding soda at his dad's house/trash can) and he was in a hurry getting in the car. Threw his backpack in and totally SQUASHED the loaf of bread!

Bad day for groceries around here!!!

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