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Tonight was the last night of the season for the Wednesday kids program at church!!! WHEW!!!! I made it!!!! Of course they are already asking for me to teach again next year and I'm trying to be strong and say no...I am terrible at saying no when I know there is an actual need. I have really not enjoyed teaching at all. I feel completely unsuited for that job, but I'm really torn about it because I know they are always short teachers and it is hard to find people willing to help. I feel tired of being pressured to do things but at the same time, I want to help. Who knows what I will do in the end. Tonight the only kid who came back to say good bye after they were released was the one who has had the absolute worst behavior all year long. He pushed and tested every boundary every week. It made me feel a little happy that he came back to say something to me, so that was kind of nice. I'll teach arts and crafts at VBS but he said he won't be there because he is going on a family trip.

I want to make a new recipe this week for a bread. I need to have 2 cups of nonalcoholic beer for it. I went to the store and they only sell 6 packs of it. I don't drink beer so what would I do with 5 more bottles of it? I didn't buy it, and I'm trying to think about where to buy just one can or bottle. Maybe one of the actual liquor store would sell it. I can also use regular beer, according to the recipe, but I wonder if that isn't as good or something, because if it makes no difference, why not just use the regular to begin with since it is easier to come by? If I can't find a single bottle or can of the nonalcoholic, I'll use regular because I know for sure the store sells just one regular beer at a time.

I watched part of an old episode of the cartoon Tom & Jerry today. I only saw a part where the mouse somehow hit a golf ball and smacked the cat in the face with it. Just as the ball hit him the cat opened his mouth to make a startled face and the ball hit him right in the front teeth, which of course shattered, making a golf ball sized shape in his teeth. I'm not sure why but that totally cracked me up and I keep thinking about it and smiling. I guess it is the small things for me! Hahah

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