3/26/20 The Face Mask

In my spare time lately, I have been cleaning and organizing things around the house.  Little by little.  Sorting through things and setting some aside for future donations or for a yard sale when that's possible. It is nice to do those things and since work is slower I have been able to do a bit more than usual.

Among the things I found were some skin care samples and makeup type of samples that I had put in a corner of the bathroom when I was pregnant and never gotten back to.  Anyway, I tried a face mask tonight.  It was this thin sort of cloth type thing that came in a foil packet. It said it was something to do with pearl....I forget what word they used on the package, but it made me think of someone smashing the juice out of a pearl and then wondering if that is even actually possible. 

It was fine. It was cool on my face and felt like I had put a cold, non greasy lotion ono. I didn't leave it on for the full 20 minutes suggested because I went to take laundry out of the dryer and it started slithering down my face. Probably it's meant to be worn when one is relaxing in a bathtub or lounging around,  but since I don't do either of those things.....haha.

Now, surely when I wake up I'll have glowing skin and look at least a few years younger. Right?


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