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Today on a news website that I follow, I saw that the FBI is dredging a lake in the small town area where I grew up in. Apparently a body was found there some time ago in a shallow grave and they are thinking that there will be some more clues at the bottom of the lake, possibly even a weapon. It always seems so weird to think of stuff like that happening in the little tiny town, but I guess you can't contain crazy. Recently there have been more and more strange things going on up there. A boy (man, I guess) that I went to high school with was recently shot and killed by someone over what sounded like a disagreement over or with a girl. My ex husband's grandmother was never found-she just disappeared one night and was never seen or heard from again. They waited 5 years and then declared her legally dead so they could sell her property and things like that. The thought with her was that she saw or heard something that someone didn't want her to hear when she was delivering mail to the rural areas surrounding the little town, and so whoever it was just killed her. Then another story from a few weeks ago about a man who killed his wife as she was getting in her car to go to work..he left her body there and then went and sat at the kitchen table and killed himself too. It seems so sad and so crazy.

My husband's parents are coming to visit us for a few days next month. I keep looking around thinking that I should put some effort in and really clean the house up better than I usually do, like make sure the baseboards are clean and all that. I'll do it eventually but right now I can't seem to find the motivation and something else always comes so that I just end up doing the regular day to day cleaning and not more intense stuff. Oh well, it will work out.

I had planned to have tacos tonight but forgot I was running low on cheese. So instead I'm making ground turkey with pasta and alfredo sauce. I hope it is ok. I wasn't feeling too creative :)

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