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This week the Recipe of the Week was for Slow Cooker Coconut Chicken. I've had coconut chicken at a restaurant before and this didn't taste like that did, although it was good. I think the biggest difference is that this one was supposed to be slightly healthier version so it didn't have some of the richer items used in the sauce, and so the sauce didn't tend to cling on to the chicken as much as it might have otherwise. The toasted coconut on top was quite lovely, so all in all we gave it about an 8 out of 10. I probably won't make it again but it was good for one dinner. That makes two weekends in a row that I've used the crock pot.

On Saturday evening my husband and I drove to the airport and walked around. That seems like a funny place to go for a walk, but we read online that there is supposed to be a free art museum in the airport. It turns out that it is more like a bunch of paintings hanging here and there in different terminals, and a small exhibit room in the middle of one terminal. So to see it all you have to do quite a bit of walking and wandering and riding the sky train from one terminal to the other, etc. The art that was being displayed really wasn't that great, but the experience was fun. We also chatted with a man who works as a baggage handler at the airport and he was very nice and gave us a lot of interesting information about how the airlines work and told us some things we didn't know before about TSA. It was a neat evening.

Today was church and then home for a few hours and then back to church for a meeting from 5 to 7. The meeting went well, it was to get some status reports on how things are going with different outreach projects we have going on and some work that is being done within our church.

Below is a picture of the coconut chicken. It isn't the greatest looking meal ever, but I'm trying to incorporate more pictures in to my posts so here it is :)

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