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My labs for thyroid came back with results that were 1/10 out of the normal range. I was scared that the doctor was going to want me to go back on medicine but she said that is such a small amount and can vary from day to day that she does not think I need anything unless I start to exhibit symptoms or if the numbers go up again at the next 6 month check. As long as nothing changes, I don't have to go back to her office for a full year, unless I get pregnant. Then I'll be a frequent customer for the duration of the pregnancy. I am so relieved!!!

I have recently discovered that a bunch of pigeons have been stealing my dog's food during the day in the yard, and also either tipping over or pooping in his water! I had been keeping an eye on that because it is getting to be too hot for him to go for any length of time without water and had decided that after this week he would need to stay inside during the day so he could be cool and have water. That plan got bumped up to today-the temperature was to be at least 100 and when my husband went out and checked him before he left for work, the birds had already tipped over the water. Husband put the dog back inside and he will stay in from now until fall, which means November for where I live. The dog was sacked out on the couch when I got home and greeted me with his little sweet sleepy eyes. awww.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with friends. The only reservation available for the restaurant they chose was at 8:00pm, so we are going to be two tired people. My husband and I don't stay up late, really ever. I hope we can hold up our end of the conversation.

I felt bad for my husband yesterday because the lady who sits in the cubicle next to him talked with their manager and said that because he talks so loudly that she has trouble hearing her phone calls, so they ordered a special sound barrier type of cubicle wall and had it installed between them. My husband really does talk loudly, particularly on the phone, because he wants to make sure people can hear him clearly, but he was really embarrassed about it. The lady never said a word to him previously or asked him to try and keep it down or anything, which he would have done if someone asked. Sometimes when we are out to dinner he talks really loudly but if I point it out a little, he will tone it down..he just doesn't always realize it is even happening. Anyway, he was embarrassed and I feel bad for him about it, but if the lady didn't even want to try mentioning it to him, nor his supervisor when she was asked about the sound barrier, then what could he do? He shouldn't worry about it too much, I think, although I know it would bother me too. He is always a top performer and his work and really goes above and beyond so I think the manager doesn't ever want to risk offending him or making him think of going somewhere else, and I bet that was a factor in no one mentioning it to him. Who knows?

Happy Friday!
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