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So-the beef stew with sweet potato recipe from yesterday turned out to taste really good! We had dinner off of it last night and my husband took what was left to work for his lunch. I think that I probably should have turned the crock pot off a little sooner because the potatoes were probably a little overcooked, but it was good anyway. I hardly ever use the crockpot (is that one word or two??) unless I will be home to peek in now and then and monitor the situation, because I'm afraid of burning the house down. I know that doesn't make any sense at all because the whole point of the crock is to be able to cook dinner while you aren't home, but I can't help it. I worry about it all day if I leave it home alone, turned on. So doing the stew on a Sunday was a good idea for me because I was only gone for 3 hours at the most and didn't feel worried. Success.

On my grocery store receipt tonight there was a notice about me maybe having purchased some vegetables that have been recalled. I heard something on the news about listeria being found in some vegetables..I wonder if that is it. What is with the listeria in food? First the whole ice cream company had to be shut down over it..wasn't it Blue Bell? Now the vegetables? Yuck.

I keep seeing an ad pop up on Amazon, and somehow also on my Facebook, to try and get me to purchase a motion activated toilet nightlight. It looks like the inside of the the toilet lights up in blue..but I'm not sure when. I wonder if it is when the toilet seat gets lifted up, or if someone goes to the bathroom does the stream of urine (or whatever) trigger the motion thing and then it lights up? That doesn't make much sense because at that point you are either hitting the toilet or you aren't. People market some funny things.

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