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Today has been a really nice day! My son had the day off from school so I took off work at noon to spend some time with him. We had lunch together at the mall (Chipotle tacos) and then wandered around for awhile. He wanted to spend his allowance savings on a Lego set of the Eiffel Tower. I chipped in about $7. When we got home he built the set, we watched a little TV, and I took a short nap. I was happy to spend some good time with him. I was also happy to be away from my office. I feel very discouraged with my job lately but I don't know what to do about it.

I leave really early Saturday morning to fly back to Missouri for the scattering of my grandmother's ashes. My parents left this morning since they are driving. My uncle will pick me up from the airport. Another uncle and my aunt and some of her kids are also driving in and so we'll all meet in the hometown on Saturday afternoon. The scattering of ashes is to be Sunday afternoon, after which uncle will take me back to Kansas City (about 3 hrs away from hometown) and I will sleep at his place and then he will deliver me back to the airport at a ridiculously early hour on Monday morning. I should arrive back in Phoenix on Monday at 6:30 am. I will go home and shower and plan to be at work at 9. Hopefully no flights run late or my master plan will be foiled. Hahha.

I have just finished cleaning the kitchen and am working on laundry. Just started dinner (chicken and pasta). I'm glad to have had a chance to do a little house cleaning this afternoon too, as I know I will feel better leaving if things are in order. My husband and son are not going but I don't want to leave them when things are not the way they should be.

I'm reading a small kindle book written by a man as sort of a WWII memorial. I honestly can't remember the name of it... but it is good and sweet. I feel like it is more of his personal journal of events rather than a story telling type of book, but that is ok with me. I think it is important that these stories got published and that people read them-maybe it will help people to remember what we fought for and how important, etc.

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