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Here I am with some unexpected free time. The school nurse called me at work around 10:30 today and said that my son was throwing up. I went to pick him up and we have been home since then. He has thrown up 2 more times since the initial call. He has more color now so I hope he got the last of it out with the last time he threw up.

I am always filled with anxiety when I have to leave work unexpectedly. My office is pretty intense sometimes and I always feel like I am going to be in trouble for something when I get back. That doesn't make sense and has really never happened to me, but it is a fear that I can't shake easily. I certainly don't mind being home with my son, I just feel like I had a lot of unfinished business for the day and so it leaves me with an uneasy feeling about work. It will be ok.

Reading a book called T is for Trespass. It is a Sue Grafton novel, another Kinsey Milhone alphabet book. I really like it. The topic is regarding elder abuse. That is very sad but the book is really good and eye opening in some ways, although it is a fiction piece.

Well-off I go to monitor the sick one. :)

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