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Up until about 3 years or maybe 4 years ago, I never used to read the news. Then I read something that pointed out that it is good to be informed and at least have some idea of what is going on in the world, which does make sense, and sort of hit home for me. So-I started reading the news websites now and then and have done so more recently.

Now I'm at the point where I don't necessarily want to stop reading the news but I just find it so incredibly disturbing on so many levels. World news is pretty much terrifying. There is always someone threatening or making it sound like they are fully prepared to blow the U.S. off the map at any moment. There are local news stories that leave me wondering how I'm going to sleep at night. It doesn't seem to matter where you are or where you go, there is always a concern or a threat of some sort. So many sad things are reported from nearly everywhere that I just get overwhelmed and very anxious about the state of the world.

How do people read or watch the news and just let it roll off their back? It affects me a lot-I will lay awake at night and wonder what is going to happen and when, and it is just useless. I can't stop it from happening anyway if someone sets out to do a bad thing to the U.S. or the state/town where I live. How do you even know if what you are reading or seeing on the news is real or just put together to get a good headline or rating? Ugh. It is all so disturbing if you let it be.

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