June 12th, 2021


Last night I had a terrible dream that Abby fell down the stairs. I was close enough to see but far enough away from her that I couldn't stop it. She topped head over heels, but in the dream she landed straight on her head. She didn't lose consciousness but rather took on a frozen sort of stunned expression and stiffness. It was terrible, even though it was just a dream. Then I got to her and picked her up and she was immediately telling me she was just scared but was ok, and when she opened her mouth to cry a little, I could see that her front two teeth had been chipped off right at her gum line. Ugh. Terrible.

This morning my son went to some yard sales. He bought a portable record player. He has a record player that is larger but it can't really be moved around because of the size. This one is cool because it is in a little case and can be taken back and forth to his dad's or up to his room, or whatever. Pretty cool and the price was right. I bought two little metal wire things that were shaped into a frog and a turtle, and then had stones laid in. They are very cute for the backyard. I will try to remember to take a picture of them sometime-I'm not describing them well.

After that was home and laundry. For dinner I made some healthy type of pasta. I also made peanut butter cookies. The cookies were a special treat. Starting on Monday, I've had us on a different kind of diet. Well, the thing is, my husband is having bad heartburn again. He has problems with that if he gains too much weight, and maybe it is made worse because his hernia repair is being pressed on. Anyway, he has been having lots of problems, so I decided enough was enough with all his crap eating. So-he is not getting any more fried things from me. Not that I ever cook fried things, but he would ask me fairly regularly to get some fried thing for him from the store deli, or if we went to a fast food, etc. I just feel like it has been getting out of hand. I think maybe some of that is because he has been having some medication adjustments lately, and that makes him want to eat more, either from stress or just his appetite is different or something. I don't know, but if all you want to do is complain and not change your diet on your own, then I will help since I am the one who makes all the food anyway. So instead of asking his opinion on what he might like, I've just been cooking things I want him eat. And for me...I have gained about 10 pounds that I am looking to off-load. My problem is with dessert...I love baked things. So, cutting that out as well. It's been going fine. The heartburn is sloooooowly easing off. More lean protein, lots of fruits and vegetables. The way I prefer to eat anyway, just getting back on track with it. Laying off the cheesy, gooey casseroles. :)

I'm reading a fun little book by a guy who spent time volunteering at an animal rehab place in Ecuador called Santa Martha's. It's really fun and I'm enjoying it.