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Sometimes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner is just the right thing. My husband started working a late shift this week, so he won't be home to eat dinner with as much. He is more in to a hearty sort of dinner meal than I ever was before I married him. That is great and I am happy to cook for him, but left to my own devices, a sandwich or a salad is excellent for me. So right now I have some dinner actually cooking on the stove for him, and I'm eating a pb&j. I will leave the dinner for him because I have to teach at church so he might get home before I do, but this way I'm not starving until bedtime. Fun. Working out well! The first night of his new shift was Monday, and I accidentally locked myself out of the house!!! I went to run an errand and came back to discover that my house keys were not in my purse but instead lying on the kitchen table where I dropped them the first time I got home. I just went for a walk for 45 minutes around the neighborhood while I waited for him to get off. Thank goodness he got off on time because 2 hours would have been a long wait, and sometimes he has to work really late. My dog was inside, no doubt wondering what the heck I was doing outside without him.

I'm having a little bit of a dilemma and am not sure what to do. My grandmother passed away last year and the family delayed the scattering of her ashes due to the weather conditions where she lived. Now they have planned to get together on a weekend in April and do it. However, for the three of us to go, it is a LOT of money for flights alone, not counting hotel, rental car when we get there, and food. I really want to go because I love my grandma very much and would like to honor her at the service, and it would be a good chance to see family that never gets together. BUT, in order to keep my son in school when he needs to be and when they are planning to actually do the scattering, I can't find any flights that would total less than about $1100 to $1300. I don't see how we are going to make that work. The other issue is that we would have to watch them scatter her ashes, leap in the car and drive the 2 hours to the airport, praying that nothing held us up, and bolt to the airplane to make it for the flight. I don't see how it is going to work, but I feel terrible about it. I would also like to be there for my mom because I know it is going to be sad and stressful for her. I could also just go by myself but my husband really doesn't want me to do that, and I don't want the 2 of us to go and leave my son with his dad because that just seems...wrong. What to do? The other factor is that I feel like all my grandma's kids (my mom and her 3 sibs) have each sort of made their own plan of what they think should happen and really aren't following through exactly with honoring what my grandmother wanted. So it important to go to a thing when it isn't what she would want anyway?

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