January 6th, 2019


Today i felt more like a human being, although i knlw every day may not go as well.  The baby was up every 2 hours last night but i went ahead and forced myself to get up and get moving and not just sit around in my pajamas until noon.  I showered while she napped in her seat, then logged on and did my reports. Stopped once in between for a feeding and then finished that.  Later in the day she had another good nap and i relaxed a bit with my book.  It seemed like she was more relaxed today than she has been. Maybe she has just been reading my anxiety with all the company but now we can both relax a bit?

This evening i ran to the office and dropped my stuff off.  Now my husband has gone to the store for a few items for the week.  He can't find where they keep the grapes. Hahahaha.  I have totally spoiled these guys around here.  But that's ok...i love them and i want to.

Tonight we will chill out and maybe play a game or watch TV. Nothing major.