October 15th, 2015


My grandmother has been moved out of the ICU, as of this morning, so that is an improvement. She had surgery on her leg a few days ago. The doctors discovered that what looked like a quarter sized abscess from the outside was actually an infection about 4 inches wide, going all the way from her ankle to her knee. So they had to cut her leg and kind of strip out the infected area, and then they packed it. They are going to take her back in tomorrow and reopen the packing and clean it all out again to make sure everything looks good. They are still working with her because she is having major disorientation and mental confusion and that is making her very combative. They have had to sedate her numerous times, and none of us out of towners have been able to talk with her on the phone. She does seem to be coming along little by little each day, so hopefully I can talk with her soon.

This week has been a bit of a blur for me. There is so much going on at work due to staffing issues that every day is just so busy and the time goes by so quickly, which is nice, but I don't get finished with all of the things I hope to, and that leaves me feeling a little crazy.

This week my son would normally be at his dad's house, according to our regular schedule. However, his dad had a business trip, so we got to have him this week, and he will be returning to his dad's house tomorrow. I had really been looking forward to the extra time with him, and we did enjoy it, but I was a little bummed because the week started off on the wrong foot right away when he got caught lying (in detail) to me about a simple question, and had to be grounded from his favorite privileges. When I ground him from something, I always follow through, but his dad doesn't, and so he feels like I'm mean sometimes. Usually he would lose a privilege for a week at his dad's, but actually get the thing back after only a day. At my house, a week means a week. So I know that my son has felt frustrated with me for that this week. This evening is the last night he will be with me for extra time, and it went well until about half an hour ago, when I went in his bathroom to put away some towels. I have no idea why, but there were a whole bunch of items that should have been put away under his sink laying all around on the floor, and the cabinet was open and hanging doors everywhere, etc. I asked him to go and pick it up and he gave me such a teenaged attitude and rolled those blue eyes and me and told me he just wanted to "relax". HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, right, Lazy Face!! I was certainly not sympathetic to his plight, and he definitely cleaned it up. Then he went to bed and went to sleep, an hour before his bedtime. So maybe he was just tired, and I know he has to take care of responsibilities....but sometimes being the heavy parent is a drag! Better for him to grow up correctly, but you know what I mean. Well-any who have or have been around kids will surely know what I mean! We did have a GREAT parent teacher conference after school today, though. He is getting straight A's and doing a great job in school-yay! Proud mama!

Off to bed, I suppose!