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I finished reading O is for Outlaw in the Kinsey Milhone series. It was good-my favorite one so far. These books are not something I would re-read but they are good once each.

I'm currently reading 2 other books.
One is called Dear Bob & Sue, and is written in the form of a series of letters, by a couple who puts their life on pause (quits their job, etc) for one year to travel to every national park in the United States. There are 58 of them. The book is pretty funny-they mix in a lot of humor with a lot of neat information about the parks, and I'm already convinced that I should visit some of them. I did think it was funny that their time at the Petrified Forest National Park did not seem to be their favorite time. I agree-I moved from Missouri to Arizona when I was 10 and we visited a lot of the southwestern destinations after we moved out here, and while the actual petrified trees themselves are pretty cool, the Painted Desert, which is attached, is just...well...ugly. To me, that is. I know that some people find the color variations in the dirt and the desert stuff to be very pretty-but I'm someone who prefers trees. Anyhow, I can tell that the couple in this book agree, and their lackluster description made me smile.

The other book is called Through the Gates of Splendor, by Elizabeth Elliot. It is about her husband Jim Elliot, a Christian missionary who was killed by the Auca (sp?) tribe in South America. I'm only on the first chapter but I'm looking forward to reading the rest-it has been on my list for a long time.

I made a new recipe yesterday called John Wayne's Mexican Casserole. It has ground turkey, cheese, tortilla chips, rotel tomatoes, pinto beans, and salsa. Everything is layered in and baked to melt together. I liked it, although upon reheating it does get a little dry. I made a double batch and took one dish of it to the church to send home with a family who recently had a baby so they won't have to cook for a night. I feel bad that I know that it will be a little dry, but I suppose it is something for them to eat and it is the thought that counts. It is always a gamble when I try something new for the first time when I am planning to give it away.

My husband is trying to write a song to sing at an open mic night. He is writing it to the tune of Thunder Road, by some guy I can't remember. He has been singing it for HOURS. I don't like the song Thunder Road so it is hard for me to continue to be supportive at this point, which is why I came in here to type away! Hahah-I hope he gets it sorted out to his liking soon and then I can listen happily to his final version.

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