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Another week has almost passed by...well a work week, that is. We still have half a week left counting the weekend.

Yesterday my son and I went for our dental cleanings. He had a good report-yay!!! Mine was not so cheery-I need 2 crowns. I kind of expected at least of those, so I wasn't shocked. I have poor enamel on my teeth, so it is a constant battle to keep up with them and keep them in good shape. I think dental hygiene is so important, so I try hard to keep it all maintained, but I sort of feel like any time I visit the dentist, I might as well hand over a paycheck as soon as I walk through the door! Hahah

Today was track and field day at my son's school. I took half a vacation day and went and watched. That was fun-they do a variety of events and then wrap up their day with a grade wide tug of war with a big giant rope. My son's class lost the pull which was a terrible disappointment to them, of course! There is always next year..maybe they will make a comeback!

This weekend the turtle gets picked up!!! I am very relieved about that. Whew. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it too much on here or not. My husband's sister is in the military and had to go overseas for a month. We agreed to watch the turtle but because of scheduling problems, we ended up having the turtle for 2 months instead of 1. I've tried hard to be patient about the situation but I have discovered that I do not love reptiles. I had no idea how much work a turtle is. You have to clean it's cage and water every day, get the new water treated with special drops so it won't kill him, cook his vegetables and pick his lettuce, and then he apparently needs social time and exercise. Oh, and calcium dust on his food, and special turtle bones to grind down his beak, and a treat. All of that equals a lot of work for me. My husband and son do not seem to participate in turtle care (grrrr-I did not agree to be the sole caretaker- but we know how that kind of thing goes sometimes). Anyway, I have been ready for him to go home for quite some time now. Yesterday I was terrified because I thought he was dead when I got home. He had flipped over and been stuck for what must have been a long time because his shell was all dried out, and his head and legs were just dangling down (he was flipped on his side, rather than belly up) and his eyes were closed. Talk about near panic. I babysit the turtle for two months and then it croaks the last week!?!? Ahhh... but no... I flipped him back over and dunked him in his water and he came around. He drank a lot so he must have been super thirsty and then he was ok after awhile. Whew. Hold on, little dude, only 2 more days!!!!!

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