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Nothing terribly exciting happened today, but it was a good day. I got the month closed at work and that is always a nice feeling. I got it finished up and it is only the 3rd, which is even better! Tomorrow I'll make the copies and send it off to the accounting people and that will be that.

I went to the gym after work today. I noticed more strangethings there today-this maybe a weird thing to notice, but I can't help it. First-women wear those tight yoga pants (or whatever they are called) to the gym with short shirts. So I noticed while I was on the treadmill that it appears that these women are not wearing underwear, or if they are, they are wearing a thong. I actually got to thinking about that as I was changing in to my own workout clothes-today I wore some gray cotton running pants that I've had...they are kind of like yoga pants but a little less tight around the bottom. When I put them on I noticed that I could see my own underwear line in the made me feel a little awkward. Then I went on, because I figured everyone must have the same problem. But they do NOT have the same problem, at least not all of them. I would say that the majority of women do not have an underwear line, although there are some that do. I think that for certain outfits or occasions, one (myself included) might choose some more skimpy underwear, but who wants to work out with your underwear crawling up your bottom? Weird. Second-what is with adult men wearing short shorts? Like, shorter than what I would wear? I don't understand that. I would think it would sort of crowd the junk. Then again, I have absolutely no way to know for sure. I could ask, but I won't. I just think that if a guy is wearing shorts that are short enough that I can see the blinding white thigh skin, then that is a little too short! Heheheh

Ok- those are all of my observations about the world for today! Hahah

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