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I wonder if people had better eyesight before electricity. Not every day, but some days when I wake up, pretty much the first thing I do is stumble to the kitchen to let the dog out and turn the light on as I go in. That is bright and not at all soothing to my eyeballs. On the weekends when I sleep a little later I don't have to turn the light on-I can see well enough when the sun starts to creep in and it is a more relaxed atmosphere and the light isn't as harsh. It just makes me wonder-did people see better before eyes were exposed to such harsh and sudden changes in light? I don't know. Perhaps not because maybe then there were more kinds of eye infections or diseases that could not be treated, and certainly cataracts couldn't be treated, nor could macular degeneration. Those are the kinds of things I wonder about. This past weekend my brother in law told me I think about strange things. That is ok...I like to know things!

I'm currently reading O is for Outlaw by Sue Grafton. This is actually turning in to my favorite one in the alphabet series so far! I like it that I am finally getting to know a little bit more about Kinsey's past and the situation with ex husband #1. It is a fun little book series, although I maintain that it is not as fun as Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich.

I also just started a new book called Dear Bob & Sue. This is something I downloaded on my kindle a long time ago and am just getting to now. It is about a couple who get their kids off to college and out of the house and decide to take off on an adventure to visit all 58 national parks in the U.S. I am only on chapter 2 but it is super funny so far. I'm very interested to read the rest.

I took the easy and cheap and sodium packed way out for dinner tonight...Hamburger Helper!!

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