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This past week FLEW by! I had something every single day except Monday.

Tuesday and Thursday are soccer practices. I don't really have to do anything at that time but it doesn't make sense to come home and then pretty much have to turn right around to go and pick him up, so I take my lawn chair and go watch him. It is neat to see how they have progressed as a team over the past 3 years that they have played together.

Wednesday is church. I'm still teaching the 6th graders. I really dread it every week. There is a small amount of teaching and a large amount of babysitting and crowd control, and that is so frustrating to me. Over half of the kids are joining us from a local community and we bring them on the church bus. I feel like they are either using the church as a way to escape whatever situation they have at home, or their parents are using the church as a free babysitting situation for one evening each week. They don't seem to want to learn or even to have any kind of interest in what I say. There are exceptions, of course, but overall, it is just chaos each week. I don't feel that I've been effective. I wish I felt like I was doing some good there, but at this point, I really don't. This is not something that I will do again next year. I think they need a man to lead the 6th grade class. Someone with a loud and commanding voice. I don't know. I know next year it may be a different story all the way around. There will be different kids, these will pass on to the next thing, and who knows what would happen. Right now I am so defeated by the whole situation and I'm just waiting for the year to finish out and hope no one gets hurt before then! Pretty much each week I have to excuse someone because of their behavior, or for actually hitting or kicking someone else. I can't play games with them much, because no matter what kind of game we come up with, someone ends up getting shoved down, or a table or a chair gets flipped over, and it is really just gets to be too much. I don't understand their behavior and I think it is sad that they have been raised in a way that they think it is acceptable. Ugh.

Friday after work I visited a friend in the hospital. She had a hysterectomy this week. She did really well and went home the next day. They did her surgery with a robot. Isn't that crazy?

Saturday morning we went to the soccer game. My son's team won and he scored one of the goals so he was very excited! Then we went to the drag races put on my the NHRA (I think). That was fun, but we only stayed for a couple of hours. I got very sunburned and so when the cars started that actually rumble your internal organs, I thought it would be a good time to leave. My brother in law got us tickets because he is a mechanic and he is able to get them from the Napa guy that he works with. That was super nice of him-the tickets aren't cheap!

Today was church. My son's friend came home with us and they have been playing this afternoon. We'll return him in a few minutes and then I'll put a casserole in the oven. It is a new recipe called Chicken Macaroni. It has chicken, macaroni, cream of mushroom soup, green chilis, and cheese. It looks really good.

Off I go.

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