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Today is my husband's 36th birthday! He has sort of had an extended birthday weekend when I stop to think about it. Saturday evening we went out to a hamburger place with his best friend and that family. Sunday we had his gifts and cake here at home because my son was home Sunday night but went over to his dad's house on Monday (today), which is the husband's actual birthday. So tonight just he and I went out to eat at his favorite place, Red Lobster. That was fun and now we are home relaxing.

Today is also my sister's 36th birthday! She and my husband have the exact same birthday. One of them is older by a few hours but I can't remember which one. Anyway, I didn't talk to my sister today but I sent her a message and wished her happy birthday. I'm not sure what she will be doing with her family. They usually kind of do what we do...have dinner together and the birthday person gets to pick out their choice of cake.

I'm currently reading a book called 1st to Die, by James Patterson. The chapters are very short. Some of the chapters are only about a page and a half long, and that really amuses me. I like the book so far..I'm a little more than halfway through.

I made grits for the first time yesterday. They were actually really good. I've eaten them before, just never made them myself.

Happy Monday!

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