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Successful Saturday

I am very pleased with how this day has gone!

We are going to a friend's house tonight for dinner and to play dominoes. I signed up to bring a dessert. The dessert I chose was a new one, so it will be this week's Recipe of the Week. The dessert is called Caramel Pecan Dream Bars. My husband is not a fan of chocolate, so I thought the dessert would be a fun new thing to try because it didn't have chocolate and he loves pecan pie...two wins. I went to the store on my way home last night for the ingredients....but the store doesn't sell toffee bits. After searching high and low, I finally gave up in defeat. I bought 3 Heath bars and decided to crush them up and use them instead...but I was a little sad inside because I knew it wouldn't be as well liked by my husband. However, this morning, I woke up thinking that surely I could get some of the chocolate off the outside of the Heath bar before I crushed it up. I am so happy to report that I was able to get ALL of the chocolate off with a carrot peeler!!! It came right off, just like the skin of an apple! Or...the peeling of a carrot. hahah.. Anyway, the dessert looks delicious and smells great, so I'm pretty happy!

To top off the success of the day, we were able to get a new chair! We recently gave up and threw out our old armchair. It started out green at some point in it's life, but after having been passed down through three or four families, it was really never clean looking, no matter how much scrubbing it got, and it just looked awful. Then after we got the puppy, he chewed the bottom edges before I knew what he was up to, so that kind of just finished it off. Out it went. So after the dessert was finished this morning, we went to a few furniture stores and finally found a chair that suits my husband. He is very tall so it has to be a chair that is taller in the back so that it supports his head. We did find the right one, got them to lower the price by $100, AND no sales tax, and so we bought it. We rented a truck for $20 from U-Haul and brought it home. That sounded to me like it was going to end up being a pain-I've never rented a truck before. But it turned out to be very fine, as my husband assured me it would, and we were all done and had the truck returned in under one hour.

In between both of those happy events, we also went to visit a friend in the hospital and had a nice chat with her.

So-it really seems like a successful Saturday!
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